Anna Soukiassian, piano

Written bio, Anna Soukiassian, piano, for web site

2 comments on “Anna Soukiassian, piano

  1. Ulrike Schicke says:

    Hi, I’m trying to get into contact again – you have both changed your email-address.
    Greetings from Ulrike and Georg, Ferdinand and Emilia (formerly Boston!)

  2. Susan PF says:

    We so look forward to hearing you play, Ms. Soukiassian, and also to hear you play in your family duo, very soon, indeed, lady Anna! Your teaching technique was well noted in the success of the pupil we heard playing a newly learned piece, the other evening. Happy New Year to you and your family, who are all fountains of the light of creative sparks. We surely we will delight to hear your music through all our senses as well. Your community spirit was evident in your wholehearted support of your daughters in the ballet and theatre, in the non-profit world, as well. Kudos, and well done, in so many realms, all of you.

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